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Tomorrow is going to be the Jay Park concert in NYC~~~

I’m so excited. I’m planning on going 2 hours before doors open…

I will finally ge to see him in person!!

I will try to post pictures.

Jay Park. With glasses. Shirtless and showing off his v-cut. Is there anything more perfect? 

Unfortunately, I cant go to the Meet&Greet because of school but I am considering skipping school Dx. My parents would kill me.

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SHINee Minho- When you’re watching a scary movie and don’t want to admit you are scared.

You hummed as you waited for the popcorn to be ready. It was Friday night meaning that it was Movie Night with you and your boyfriend, Minho. You always enjoyed these nights. Because of Minho’s work, you barely had time to see him and this was a time where you and him bonded. You would stay up late and talk to him about school, work, music….everything. He was not only your boyfriend but your best friend too.


The sharp sound startled you as you were thinking about what movie Minho would probably bring over tonight. You took the popcorn out of the microwave and poured it into a big bowl. Sitting on the couch, you waited for him and smiled when you heard keys jingle. He smiled at you as he came through the door. He sat next to you on the couch and held out the movie he picked.

"Jagiya, we’ve been watching a lot of comedy and romance lately so I bought a horror movie to watch" he grinned.

You looked over at the cover of the DVD

The Ring

You bit your lip and smiled.

"Let’s watch it"

You were secretly nervous. You hadn’t watched a horror movie in a long time. The last time you did, you couldn’t sleep for a month, but Minho looked very excited and you didn’t want to ruin his night.

He pushed the DVD into the player and you shuddered as a image of a scary little girl with hair covering her face filled the screen. You whimpered and sighed, hoping the movie was a short one.

One hour later

You let out a shriek as the disfigured face of a man popped up. You heard Minho chuckle at you.

"Yeobo, are you scared?"

"Um..uh, no…that….uh..just..-AHHHHHHHHHH!"

You screamed as the image of the little girl filled the screen again.

He smirked and wrapped his arm around you

Another hour later

By the end of the movie you were trembling.

"Minho-ah, what should I do? Seven days.."

He let out a small laugh.

"I knew you were scared.We could have just not watched it if you told me."

You pouted and folded your arms.

"Oppa, are you making fun of me?"

He smiled.

"Anniyo, oppa will protect you, don’t worry.


I watched The Ring and it was scary af. Actually the only scary parts were when the girl and the guy’s disfigured faces popped up T.T

Hello boys and girls. Can you say DSL?

I cry when i read your scenarios. i love them so much.

omonatheydidnt more of taecyeon and wooyoung for evisu#t888004851 EXCITED WIG FLOWER SHAKING HEAD CRAZY FLICK HAIR BACK 2PM

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I will be posting the SHINee Minho scenario tomorrow.

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With that impossible-to-break-away-from stare, he finished himself off as he moaned &#8220;Sofi&#8230;&#8221;
FUCK. God this is unfair. /resisting Minho feels.
-Admin T

-Admin J

Ukiss (Soohyun)- When he gets a nightmare and you comfort him

Soohyun’s POV

I was asleep, I knew , but it felt so real. _______-ah was leaving me. I was always too busy working and now she has finally got tired of it and she was leaving me.

It was like a TV on replay, I kept seeing ______ slam the door and leave me inside a dark, empty, cold room. I wanted to stop her but I didn’t have the strength to. I couldn’t do anything except watch her leave.

I could feel cold tears rolling down my cheeks. Everything felt so real. I could feel the coldness and emptiness inside of me.

I tried to grab on to anything to keep me stable but there was nothing but thin air. I looked at _____-ah. The scene kept replaying. She was saying how she felt unimportant she felt and how work was always my priority. She had tears streaming down her face.

I tried to reach out and wipe the tears away but again, I felt nothing. Once again, the door slammed shut, leaving me in the room all alone.

I felt hands trying to grab at me and I tried to fight back but there were too many.


You were awakened by the bed slightly shaking. You yawned and looked at the clock on the nightstand next to you.

3 a.m.

You frowned and looked over at Soohyun. There was a frown on his face and tears were rolling down his cheeks. You were shocked, and quickly shook him gently, waking him up.


"Im right here" you said in a soothing voice, trying to calm him down.

He hugged you close.

"You know that I love you right? You’re always my first priority and the person I love the most. You are my everything. If you left me…. I-I don’t know what I would do, you know right?

You smiled and gave him a sweet kiss on the lips.

"I know, yeobo. I’ll never leave you."


You giggled. “I promise”

He sighed and pulld you closer, laying his chin on top of your head.



Ok, I don’t know if this is too corny XD Tell me if it is.

Give Soohyun a kiss XD


So proud of Big Bang and all the VIPS 
*wipes tear*
Anyway, I&#8217;ll be posting a scenario tomorrow night!&#8230;if I get my project done..


So proud of Big Bang and all the VIPS 

*wipes tear*

Anyway, I’ll be posting a scenario tomorrow night!…if I get my project done..

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G Dragon- When you think you’re ugly but he tells you that you aren’t

It was happening again. Those mean girls in your school were making fun of you saying that you were ugly and didn’t match Jiyong. This has happened almost every day since Jiyong publicly announced your relationship.

At first, you tried to ignore it and was doing a good job at it but as time passed, it was starting to get to you and you started believing their words. You sniffled as you exited the bathroom, rushing to your next class, hoping you weren’t late.

4 hours later

You managed to avoid the mean girls for the rest of the school day but your mood was still down. You were alone. Usually, you would walk home with your best friend but today she was absent. You sighed and started walking home when you felt something hit your head. You looked down to find a small rock. You heard snickers and you saw Mina, another one of the girls smirking at you.

"Hey loser, where’s your best friend, huh? No one to protect you?"

You bit your lip and started walking faster trying not to start a fight because you knew you would lose. You were alone while she had a group of about 5 people following her.

You let out a small shriek when she grabbed your hair and pulled you back.

"What thinks you’re good enough for Jiyong oppa, huh? You’re just a worthless thing clinging on to him. I bet he doesn’t even like you. He probably just can’t stand seeing your ugly face crying." she said smirking.

You felt tears come to your eyes. You pushed her away and ran as fast as you could towards you and Jiyong’s home. You heard the laughs behind you as you ran, tears sliding down your cheeks.

You slammed the door and locked it behind you. 

"Jagiya? Are you home"

You quickly ran to your room, not wanting Jiyong to see your pathetic crying face.

You sniffled as you sat down in the corner of your room, replaying the events of the past few weeks. You bit your lip. Maybe they were right. Maybe Jiyong really was to good for you. 

You heard your door creak open.


You sniffed and covered your face.

"Jiyong, g-go away…p-please. I-I look so ugly right now"

You felt his warm hands wrap around you. He held you in his arms and you felt safe.

”______-ah, who told you that? You’re always beautiful. No matter what, you will always be my yeobo. Don’t cry, baby or oppa is going to cry with you. Tell oppa who hurt you and I’ll take care of it.”

You explained to him what has been happening these past few weeks ever since he announced your relationship. You could see his pained expression when you told him of the various ways the girls has been torturing you. By the time you were finished telling him, you were in tears again.

"Shhh yeobo, oppa will take care of it. Go to sleep, beautiful."

He started rocking you in his arms and you fell asleep in his warm embrace.


YAY!! For some reason, my GD scenarios are always a little longer.

Maybe cause he’s my ultimate bias!!!


B.A.P and U-KISS comeback!


U-Kiss and B.A.P made a comeback the same day. Um also SNSD sub unit debut..?

I REALLY hope U-KISS finally wins a award. (but it’ll be hard because of SNSD).


They worked so hard and their choreography is awesome. They are so underrated.

On the other hand, B.A.P’s video was awesome too!!!


gifs and picture not mine.

Yoseob- A romantic scenario

You smiled as you woke up this morning. The sun was bright and so was your mood. Today was your second anniversary with Yoseob.

It has been two years since you have started dating him yet every it felt like two months. You were excited to get to the end of the day because Yoseob had sent you a text yesterday telling you to meet him at the Starlight Restaurant today at 7.

You got out of bed, quickly putting on your work clothes and ate breakfast. Driving to work, your cell phone rang signaling that you got a text message. At a red light, you quickly checked the message.

"Jagiya, I can’t wait to see you tonight! Wear something fancy!"-Yoseob

You smiled to yourself as you arrived at work at your local cafe. You served customers for 7 hours before it was finally the end of your work day.

It was 5p.m. which meant you had an hour to do your makeup and find a outfit. You bit your lip nervously worrying that you didn’t have enough time. You quickly drive home and took a shower, trying to decide on what to wear. Finally picking a red mini dress, you slipped it on along with black pumps.  You applied eyeliner and shimmery eyeshadow and checked the time. It was 6:00. You still had a half an hour left and decided to straighten your hair. Picking up your black cardigan, you walked out the door and slid into your car.

It was 6:20 when you arrived at Starlight Restaurant. You sighed nervously. This was the place that your friend had introduced Yoseob to you. She thought you two were a perfect match and introduced you guys to each other.

You really had to thank her because it really did seem like you two were made for each other. You had the same hobbies and interests and got along in everything. He would always protect you and tell you you were beautiful and perfect.

You smiled at the happy memories and entered the restaurant. Immediately, a waiter escorted you to the middle of the restaurant where Yoseob was sitting in a suit, looking perfect.

You smiled and greeted him with a hug.
"Jagiya, I’ve been waiting for you!"

You two smiled and ate and you noticed that the restaurant was empty except for all the waiters. He noticed your gaze and said shyly
"I rented this place for the night so we could enjoy our anniversary privately"
You giggled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"Thank you, oppa."

As you finished dinner, Yoseob seemed to be more and more nervous.
"Oppa, is there something wrong?" you asked concerned.
He sighed. “Yeobo, I have something I want to say”
You smiled at him and nodded.
He bit his lip and got on one knee.
”_________-ah will you marry me?”


If there is anything I could improve on, please tell me xD

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